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Pan Gu One of the last survivors of earth and one of the commanders of an army to be built on new planets

Lilit The angel of death who was raised on the streets kills without hesitation to survive and enchants people with her beauty

WOLF KHAN His childhood was spent in the mountanious forests of Asia. Wolf Khan led his armies in the same way wolves lead their packs. The soldiers in his command makes an death oath to him and obey him forever.

WANGA Wanga general of the African Continental Resistance Army, is a great commander who, thanks to his superior combat abilities, dragged all of Africa after him. Even if he lost his arm in the last battle, he signed for victory.

XIPE TOT A maji who ruled over people due to his psychic powers and ensured their survival in the most difficult conditions.

GILMAN The lord of the polar deserts in Siberia. Gilman ruled all Slavic Nations for a long time. He is known as an Ice Desert Warrior.

KALEVAKA Kalevaka, a scientist who brought a voice in the world with his inventions, changed the entire course of the war with the weapons and equipment he developed.


AUTONOME HARVESTERA self-driving harvester, operated simply on an app. This top quality tool offers extra NFT chances while production.

WEEDING ROBOT Reduce the cost and environmental impact of weeding operations. Less penalty for production.

WASTE WOOD CHIPPER With a waste wood chipper, the profit is gained with the 2nd tools production increase.

SEEDER MACHINE Each seed is dropped into the airflow, then it's taken down to the tool. More effective production.

SMART TRACTORProvides a safer and less stressful working environment. High quality, driverless Smart Tractor can be used in any types of terrains.

FARMING DOMEHigh capacity for production. Resistant to harsh weather conditions and outside dangers.

DRONE SPRAYERSowing seeds from the air. Used for smart farming. High technology item and easy control. Very productive.

SMART AGROMETER This tool allows farmers to measure what specific nutrients are missing for plant growth. By using Smart Agrometer, less loss in production.

SOIL PENETROMETERA penetrometer is a tool used to test the compaction level and tilth of your soil. This tool will increase productivity.

GARDEN RAKESimple soil cleaner. Old-School Farming item. Always a basic solution.

STANDARD SPADESimple farming tool. Old-School Farming item. Always a basic solution.