Worlds Of Dr Hems will have 7 Avatars, 20 Tools and 50 Seeds when all items are published. Still, the first part of the game will start with less avatars, tools and seeds. For the final Dark Planet, Battle Mode, there will be different Warriors added.

As all the pack sales go on, the new items that come out of the packs can turn into more valuable cards by crafting.

Our six rarity levels are common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic.

Gamers can craft their items on our craft page to make their cards more valuable. These six levels are set for Avatars, Tools and Seeds.

Exclusively for the Dark Planet Battle Mode, we will have one more rarity level, "Gold Level". So, our warriors will have seven levels like Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Gold and Mythic.


Before our Launch-Game time arrives, we are working on the algorithm so that Worlds Of Dr Hems turns into a game changer in On-Chain Gaming industry. Play To Earn is our priority and we care for our first passengers so that they can gain most from the game in start to end.

Because of this, we would like to introduce our new and final Craft details.

The first limited user "Alpha Lab Mode" and main "Production Mode" will start with two different crafts for three different items.
1- Seeds
2- Avatars
3- Tools
4- Warriors (To be active later for Dark Planet Mode)

As Promo Packs had seeds and as our main packs will also include seeds, the crafting for higher level seeds will be harder than less available Avatars and Tools.


5 Common -> 1 Uncommon
4 Uncommon -> 1 Rare
3 Rare -> 1 Epic
3 Epic -> 1 Legendary
2 Legendary -> 1 Mythic


4 Common -> 1 Uncommon
3 Uncommon -> 1 Rare
3 Rare -> 1 Epic
2 Epic -> 1 Legendary
2 Legendary -> 1 Mythic

The production mode will work better this way and players will be able to use their seeds more times if they use higher level seeds.

1 Common Seed will burn earlier than 1 Uncommon Seed (One Uncommon seed will also burn later than 5 Common once would burn). This will be the advantage for higher level seed users in production mode.

Our team keeps working on all the game mathematics and the final announcements will be made later, while pack sales are made and before the Alpha Lab Mode is active.



5 Common Uncommon


4 Uncommon Rare


3 Rare Epic


3 Epic Legendary


2 Legendary Mythic



4 Common Uncommon


3 Uncommon Rare


3 Rare Epic


2 Epic Legendary


2 Legendary Mythic