The second part of the game takes place on the Dark Planet and will be like a Battle Mode. With monsters, warriors and more to come. Gamers will need to find the tickets in the 1st part of the game (the Production Mode) to advance to the second stage (Dark Planet Battle Mode). How to find them and how many tickets, this part to be announced later.

Beside the HEMS tokens earned after each production, gamers with some luck, can also find these tickets. In order to win all tickets, gamers will need the time and stay calm. There will be luck NFT’s like Black Hole and Sun NFT cards. A gamer who has all the tickets will get the Stargate Pass by crafting all these tickets to Dark Planet.

The journey will continue with the help of this Stargate Pass and gamers will pass through Stargate to reach the Dark Planet! Gamers who reach the Dark Planet will get the chance to take part in the Battle Mode and gain more HEMS and WODH Tokens.

Gamers can win weapons and costumes by fighting against the creatures and other races on Dark Planet. There will be creatures of different characteristics and levels in the Dark Planet Mode game which will also be available as a Mobile Version.