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Q3 2021

Launching of social media accounts and web site
Sharing the story via text and animation
Character advertising
Whitelist card sales
Sharing a video about the story

Q4 2021

1/4 pack sale
Craft activation
2/4 pack sale
3/4 pack sale
Start for Alpha Lab Mode. Test Game Launch for limited users without tokens.
Introducing the planets

Q1 2022

Land Sales
Mine Sales
Introducing HEMS Token. Private/Presale to be announced
Introducing WODH Token. Private/Presale to be announced
Final 4/4 pack sale
Start for the production mode on planets. Game Launch
Introducing the Dark planet

Q2 2022

Upgrading of the tools
Introducing Warrior and Battle Items
Sharing a video/demo about the Dark Planet
Membership Card sale for Dark Planet
Dark Planet Pack Sales (Including Warriors, War Items, Battle Costumes and more)

Q3 2022

Land Sales for Dark Planet
Dark Planet / Part:II Battle Mode - Launch Game

Q4 2022

Start of the wars on the Dark planet
Creation of clans on the Dark planet
Start of the clan wars
Creating a leaderboard and prizes according to the leaderboard


The year is 2155

It's 50 years after the big bio war and there are no clean lands left for agriculture on earth. Mankind is facing extinction and people are killing each other for food. All countries thought they would win the war by dropping bio bombs but what they forgot was that they poisoned the land and killed nature.Earth is now dying. The solution is to go to other planets but the tech for intergalactic travel is not invented. The planets close to earth do not have sufficient lands and atmosphere for humankind to develop again.When all hope is lost, Dr. Hems, who is hiding, still has some. His work on fusion technology is about to come to life. Now, intergalactic travel is possible. Hems, who has shared his work with the governments of the world, wanted them to create plans for humanity to travel to 7 planets.

These planets are Nibiru, Hyperborea, Sirius, Orion, Antares, Agartha and Shambhala. These are the 7 planets that are chosen for the salvation of humankind .

There is one other planet near those that was unknown. There is surely another race that lived on this planet. The reaction to this race against humanity would be seen once people get there. Humanity has to be prepared for everything. Since little is known about the planet, it is called the DARK Planet.The fate of humanity rests on the hands of gamers. Players will engage in food production on these 7 planets and ensure the survival of the human race. Players also need to defend themselves or learn how to attack if a threat arrives from the DARK Planet

What is Worlds of Dr Hems?

"This game is a living organism"

WODH is a production and war game played on block chain. The game consists of two main parts

The first part of the game is production. While producing, gamers can win an nft card

Access to the game is via an avatar, a coordinate card belonging to a planet where production is available, two equipment and seeds.

Gamers win HEMS tokens based on the avatar used and the characteristics of the planet, equipment and seeds

Each avatar and planet has its own characteristics within the game. Finding the right combination will increase the amount of food produced. Gamers can buy or sell the nft cards they want from Atomichub