Agartha is the planet of many mysteries from mountain peaks to planetary depths. Thanks to its own ecosystem of caves and tunnels, under all the continents of the planet lies a lot of the unknown.

It is here that the bulk of the spiritual and most influential rulers of the universe are concentrated. This is an amazing planet for botanists - the soil, minerals , weather and the diversity of the plant world are among the best. The invulnerability and inaccessibility of Agartha to other civilizations created ideal conditions for the jungle.

Dr. Hems has invented a technology that allows you to make production on a wide variety of land types, but the dangers of the jungle can take you by surprise, watch out.


Antares - is the heart of Scorpion. One of the brightest planets, it is named after the Greek god of war - Ares, who has always been associated with the blood-red Mars.

Due to its historically warlike past, Antares is a very dangerous planet because it has plant monsters that eat humans. These species are extremely dangerous and brutal for "newcomers", so anyone wishing to set foot on this planet should think twice about choosing their avatar leader.

Every day and night can bring you new surprises which may increase your chances of survival and improve your production, but sometimes the odds may not be in your favor, so keep that in mind.

Dr. Hems has invented the technology to make production on many different types of lands, learning the warlike features of this planet will give you a big advantage in the battle against the more dangerous opponents that awaits on the Dark Planet.


Hyperborea is a mythical place where the ancient civilization of the Hyperboreans ruled, using magic crystals as the main source of energy.

The carefree planet of the Golden Sun, which shines there for half a year, and this is only one day. Time is irrelevant.

Hyperborea was also known as the planet of ice and cold. The main problem is life in the dry and windy conditions of the icy desert. It is difficult here both in the heat and in the cold, but if you get used to these conditions, you will be able to extract production benefits and advantages.

Being here you can concentrate on searching for sources of energy and technologies of antiquity, as well as knowledge of the treasures of wisdom.

Dr. Hems invented the technology to make production on many different types of land, but the secrets of the icy tundra still remain unexplored.


Nibiru, translated from Sumerian, means "crossing point, crossing, center." It has also been called a non-gravitational and inverted planet, "Planet X", whose perihelion orbit crosses the solar system between Mars and Jupiter once every 3,600 years.

This is a place with fairly highly developed beings. This will require adaptability to an unusual technological environment.

In Nibiru, you will be able to concentrate on the development of your technologies for defense, machinery and robotic equipment. This can increase your chances of survival and improve your output.

Dr. Hems has invented a technology that allows you to make production on many different types of land, the technological features of the planet can help a lot.


Orion is the most difficult planet to survive. Named after the famous hunter, who was distinguished by his extraordinary beauty and such growth that he was sometimes called a giant, who was subsequently imprisoned in this planet by Zeus after his death.

The main danger is creatures, monsters inhabiting the planet. They are ruthless killers. In order to survive, you need some kind of magic or psychic abilities. This is one of the most difficult planets to manufacture.

On Orion, you will have to concentrate on your combat power, as the position of strength against the monsters living here is extremely important, but behind the great danger lies a great reward.

Dr. Hems has invented a technology that allows production on many different types of land, but the dangers will be the main surprise for those who dare to set foot on the planet Orion.


Shambhala, which in Sanskrit means "place of peace" or "place of silence" is a mythical paradise, which is mentioned in ancient scriptures. This is a rather spiritual and peaceful planet. The planet Shambhala is not only just a planet but also a state of mind.

Here, the surrounding world is not yet saturated with anger and hatred, the peaceful atmosphere will be a great start for beginners who want to feel the blessing and karmic connection with the antiquities of the past.

The main problem is the landscape, which is specific due to the mountainous terrain and can create difficulties in growing products. However, the conqueror of mountain heights will be able to conquer the whole of Shambhala, and then possibly the whole Universe.

On Shambhala, you will be able to concentrate on studying how to grow products in the highlands. This research can significantly increase your chances of improving your product in the future, but sometimes the odds may not be in your favor due to avalanches and other natural surprises.

Dr. Hems has invented the technology to make production on many different types of land, learning about the high terrain of this planet will provide an advantage in the quality of the products obtained and in the impending more unpleasant and terrible environmental conditions that awaits on the Dark Planet.


Sirius, translated from Greek "bright", "brilliant" - the brightest planet. According to Greek mythology, the dog of Orion became the star Sirius. The dazzle of the local landscape was beyond, a special avatar suit would be able to alleviate the local landscape's troubles.

According to the legend, it was the abode of one of the wisest gods of antiquity. The creatures that inhabited this planet were peaceful enough, but one day people attacked them by unleashing a "war of justification" in order to justify inflation and stimulate economic demand for goods and to divert people's attention from global problems. Since that moment, the hostility of the planet to people has increased and now only an experienced warrior will be able to protect his people and try to take the path of diplomacy. It is not always necessary to choose the path of war.

While here, you will be able to concentrate on defense and the diplomatic option for dealing with certain situations with local creatures. Dr. Hems invented technology to allow production on many different types of land, the diplomatic features of contact with the planet allow for alliances, so local creatures will not spoil production, which can increase your production results and help you make profitable alliances on the Dark Planet in the future.